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1963 Lincoln Continental
Date: 2022-08-11
Price: $45,000
Only 3138 Continental Convertibles of this years were ever produced. This Continental has been well maintained, has original paint the motor and brakes were rebuilt with original parts in 2011. A ne...
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1963 Lincoln Continental
Date: 2022-08-11
Price: $55,000
Location: Danville, CA, United States
1963 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL SEDAN Chassis no. 3Y82N416777 52,574 Original Miles 430ci OHV V8 Engine 4-Barrel Carburetor 320bhp at 4,100rpm 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Independent Front Suspension - Live Rear Axle 4-Wheel Drum Brakes *Three owners from new *A very original California example *Fully optioned *Attractive color scheme of Black over Black Leather THE LINCOLN CONTINENTAL After several years of producing ever-larger be-finned and chrome-heavy luxury cars, Ford's management had come in the late 1950s to realize that some serious changes were needed at Lincoln Division. Continentals had become the largest automobiles available to American consumers, to the point that some states, according to the Standard Catalog of American Cars, demanded that dealers install special clearance lights and reflectors. Ford decided that the fourth-generation of that series would go on a diet. The 1961 Lincoln Continental thus was a completely new design, based on the 1958 Thunderbird – but with two additional doors, as mandated by Ford President Robert S. McNamara. The task was given to veteran stylist Elwood Engel. His deft hands would produce one of the most influential designs of the 1960s, one that is still greatly admired by connoisseurs of fine automobiles, and is credited with saving the Continental line. The new, smaller Continental would be offered as a four-door hardtop sedan and a four-door convertible on a 123-inch wheelbase – more than a foot shorter than the huge 1960 Continental – and both models would feature "suicide" rear doors, greatly easing entry and departure for back-seat passengers. With its clean and minimalist styling, these Continentals appeared distinctly modern compared to rivals Cadillac and Imperial, which still flaunted huge fins, and it boasted much better build quality than its predecessors. To ensure that new Continentals reached their prospective owners with everything working properly, each was subjected to a 12-mile test drive before leaving the factory in Wixom, Michigan. It was also the first American automobile to carry a 24,000 mile/two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. The new design was so appealing that it was honored by the Industrial Design Institute with a special bronze medal. This elegant 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedan appears in its original colors of Black with a Black leather interior. It is equipped with all standard features and options. Body Plate Identification BODY   COLOR   TRIM   DATE   DSO   AXLE   TRANS 53A         A          86      14M      24         1        4 BODY:                                                                                    53A   (4-door Continental)) Color: Lower Body Color, Upper Body Color                   A (Black) Trim Code: Trim Color                                                         86 (Black) DATE: Production Date                                                       14M (Dec 14th) DSO: District Code                                                                24 (Jacksonville) AXLE: 1                                                                                    3.00:1 TRANS: Transmission Installed                                           4 (Dual Range Automatic) VEHICLE WARRANTY NUMBER 3Y82N416777 3: YEAR Y: Wixom, MI 82: 4-door Continental N: V8 430hp 4-Barrel Carb Production number: 416777
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1963 Lincoln Continental
Date: 2022-08-11
Price: $100,000
Location: Springfield, MA, United States
You are looking at one of the nicest 1963 Lincoln Continental convertibles to be found. This is a fully optioned example of a very rare and desirable model. Of the 32,000 Continentals built for 1963, less than 10% were convertibles, and this is one of the best.  It’s finished in Metallic Green with Honey Beige leather. Power comes from Lincoln’s 430 cubic inch V8, which delivers 320 horsepower.  This car has been extensively restored and meticulously maintained by the current owner, who has cared for this fine car since 2010.  Prior to his acquisition of the car, it was subjected to a rotisserie restoration.  In the time he’s owned the car he has gone well beyond that. The major chrome on the car has been smoothed and plated and is virtually flawless. The paint is spectacular. The original vinyl convertible top has been redone in Twillfast, the premium synthetic canvas used in Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. The seats in this car were originally upholstered in low-quality leather and vinyl like other American cars of the period.   The seats in this car were removed, disassembled, and mechanically rebuilt. The seats have new cushioning to eliminate that “flat” feel most of these cars have. In place of the domestic leather and vinyl the seats were redone front and back in European Autolux leather, as is used in Rolls-Royce and other cars of that level.  The door panels and trim were redone to match. The molded synthetic carpets were replaced by Wilton Wool carpet with the edges bound in leather.  The car has Wilton carpet floormats, and sheepskin overlays atop that.  The effect is a “better” Lincoln.  Everything is where you expect it.  All the switches and controls are the same. It’s just that the finish materials are far finer than you expect to see. New springs front and rear, and a new steering box make this car drive like new. Stock size whitewall tires still look new The convertible top is fully automatic, and the mechanism is in fine working order. It has been converted from brake fluid to hydraulic oil.  All the power windows and locks work. The car has a current state inspection sticker.  Both the engine and transmission were rebuilt about 6 years ago.  There are subtle updates under the hood, like a high-capacity alternator in place of the generator. The car is fully functional and ready to drive anywhere. The photo gallery shows a lot of the work Robison Service did these past dozen years. The original top and interior are shown along with the process of redoing those. Engine overhaul shown.  Body work shown.  Brake overhaul shown, and more That work makes this Continental totally unique. There were no shortcuts taken in the restoration of this magnificent Lincoln. Today is is offered far below current restoration costs. 
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1963 Lincoln Continental
Date: 2022-08-11
Price: $115,000
Location: Danville, California
1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible Chassis no. 3Y86N426887 The ex-Undersecretary of the Navy Paul ...
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